Name Tag World offers a variety of name tag backing options, pin and magnet.  The pin backing option is a great however the pin will put a hole in your garment.  A popular option to avoid poking holes in your uniforms or garments is Name Tag World’s magnet name tag backing.  Name Tags with magnetic backings keep name tags up without poking holes in your garments.

Magnet Name Tags

When it comes to name tag backings, magnet backings are the way to go especially if you have pricey upscale uniforms.  You do not want to poke holes in your nice uniforms or shirts.  Uniforms and dress shirts can get costly if you have to provide it to your whole staff so why poke holes in them if you do not need to.  Avoid holes in your clothes, use magnet name tags.

Plastic Name Tags

Our traditional plastic name tags are a great option for businesses, coffee shops, medical industry, etc.  Our plastic name tags are available in a variety of colors, black, white, silver, and gold.  Each name tag can be customized with your company logo or whatever design you want!  You can also add your employees’ job titles to the name tags too.  Get your printed plastic name tags with magnetic backing and avoid holes in your clothes.

Reusable Name Tags

Name Tag World also has reusable name tag options as well.  Our chalkboard name tags and dry erase name tags are a great option if your business has a lot of seasonal employees.  You do not want to have to buy a new set of name tags every season when a new group of employees start.  With chalkboard name tags and dry erase name tags, you can simply write on your employee’s name and wipe it off when they are done with the season or shift.  Our reusable name tags are also available with magnet backing.