Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer wanted to have everyone in New York wear a name tag? Have you ever thought of a world where everyone wears a name tag? No matter where you go there would be someone with a name tag on. No more wondering who was that nice person who delivered our pizza. Co-workers would no longer be called by the wrong name, or a neighbor who you just can’t remember their name, always getting the default wave instead. Image going to work, or to the store, or to a neighborhood bar and literally everybody knows your name?

Another advantage would be to give people the chance to showcase their nicknames, or to be called what they prefer. You could have custom name tags for every industry known to mankind. Today, we have custom name tags such as, church name tags, medical name tags, event name tags and for many more industries. New trends would surely develop where name tags would be a part of the everyday norm, such as leaving a name tag after an important meeting, first date, or job interview.

With name tags you would not have to focus on what the persons name was, rather you could remember other important facts and details about them. Now if your one of those people who don’t want to be bothered by strangers you simply take your name tag off. This tells the world that I’m not open to small talk and I prefer to be left alone.

In today’s world we have so many personal interactions with social media, where everyone has a so-called name tag. Maybe someday in the future we’ll all be wearing custom name tags and our personal interactions will be a little more friendly just like Kramer envisioned?



Greg Elam – GetSpecific Website Marketing
Content Writer – Name Tag World