Chalkboard name tags are not just reusable but also a great way for your associates to express themselves.  Do you have a lot of creatives in your workforce?  Do you want the ability to personalize every single name tag without having to pay high prices for one-offs?  If so, then reusable chalkboard name tags are for you!  You can add a personal touch to any name tag without having to order several different name tag designs.

Show Your Personality with Chalkboard Name Tags

Name Tag World believes that name tags do not have to be dry and boring things.  With Chalkboard name tags, you are only limited by your own creativity and selection of chalk.  Allow your employees to show their creative said and express themselves by designing their own name tag with their penmenship and/or drawings and doodles.  Everyone is different so why wouldn’t their name tags be different too!

Go Green with Name Tags

Reduce waste and help the environment with Name Tag World.  Name tags with names engraved on them are great but are hardly reusable.  If an employee changes their name or quits, their name tags are basically useless.  What do you currently do with the name tags of past employees?  It is likely that you just throw them away or give the name tag to the former employee.  Well with chalkboard name tags, all you would need to do is wipe off the employee’s name and reuse the same name tag for your new employee Go green, reduce waste and cost with reusable name tags!

Reusable Name Tags are Cost-Effective

Gone are the days of ordering countless name tags.  With Chalkboard name tags, you can order a set of name tags that can be reused for years to come.  Does your business have a seasonal need or a lot of temporary employees?  If so, chalkboard name tags are a great option!  Make your seasonal and temporary employees feel included and a part of the team with their own name tag.  Name Tag World is here to help you reduce costs with reusable name tags!


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