Employees wear their name tags before they head in for their work shift and often do not take off their name tags until they get home.  They may even run errands around town with their name tags on.  This is great because it acts as a form of local advertisement!

Name Tags Help Advertise Your Business

Name tags act as free walking advertisement every time your employee wears them.  Maybe a customer has not heard of your company, business, restaurant, cafe, etc but they frequent the same grocery store as your employee or employees.  If they see those employees often, they may recall seeing your business’ name on your employees’ name tag.  This may lead them to look up your business or even go there and become a customer.  Name Tag World offers custom name tags for businesses.  Custom name tags are especially beneficial for local businesses as it can help with new customer acquisition.

Custom Name Tags Are Attention-Getters

Get creative with your custom name tags, it may become a conversation starter about your business.  Some companies add various things other than their employees’ name to their name tags.  Some companies will even have the employee list their favorite thing on their custom name tag.  Since this is not typically what one sees on a name tag, it will spark up a conversation and act as a form of free advertisement and marketing for your business.  If you do not want something so permanent on your company’s name tags then you can also opt for Name Tag World’s line of reusable name tags.  Reusable name tags are a great way for businesses to experiment with creative name tag ideas.

Name Tag World offers dry erase name tags as well as chalkboard name tags so you can update your name tags daily if you wanted to!

Name Tags Get Your Business’s Name Out There

One of the biggest obstacles for companies is getting their name “out there”.  With the help of your employees and Name Tag World’s custom and/or reusable name tags, your business’ name will be sure to get out there!