Name Tag World’s custom name tags are a great way to make your business more customer oriented!  Let you customers know that you care by getting your employees custom name tags.  When customers know your name, they are more likely to engage and interact with your staff and employees.

Name Tags Help Increase Engagement

It is often difficult for customers and people in general to approach strangers.  What’s worst than approaching someone wearing a red shirt and khaki pants where to find something or for a price check then realizing that the person does not work there?  Often that fear is enough to stand in the way of that customer having their needs met or not.  Having name tags will help customers know who works at your company, restaurant, coffee shop, etc and who are just customers shopping and frequenting your business establishment.

Knowing someone else’s name automatically makes that person a little bit more approachable and will help increase customer engagement.  Adding unique, fun, or interesting tidbits of information to your custom name tags are another way to increase engagement.  Name Tag World have many options for name tags ranging from plastic name tags to reusable name tags.

Reusable Name Tags, Even More Options for Customizing

Name Tag World’s reusable name tags are great for businesses who want more flexibility with their name tags.  Does your business, restaurant, coffee shop, etc have a lot of turnover or need for seasonal staff?  If so, then reusable name tags are for you!

Are you creative and like to think outside the box?  Maybe you want to try some new designs, allow your employees to draw something on their name tag that helps show a bit of their personality, etc then reusable name tags are for you!

Name Tag World offers 2 types of reusable name tags: chalkboard name tags and dry erase name tags.

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