Name tags are not just things employees wear during their shift; name tags improve customer satisfaction and trust in your business as well.  Would you do business with someone you do not know?  If not then you are also likely not going to do business with someone who’s name you do not know.  Name Tag World offers a variety of name tags that can be custom-made with your logo or design.

Name Tags help Improve Communication

Studies have shown that people have better communication as well as trust with people whom they know the name of.  Names are a very personal thing and are often unique to an individual.  If you know someone’s name, you know the main thing that identifies them.  Would you want to do business with someone you if you don’t know their name?

Depending on your business or work environment, your employees may interact with customers on a daily basis so it is important that they put their best foot forward.  Your employees are the ambassadors to your company as well as your brand.

Help Make Your Business Look More Professional

Name Tag World is here to help make your business look more professional.  You can customize any of our name tags with your company logo or design creating a uniform look for your employees.  Not only will customers know your employee’s name, they will also know your logo.

Investing in name tags will show your customers that you and your employees care about customer service.  In customer-facing roles and industries such as hospitality, name tags are a must!

Name tags are also a great way to add a uniform and consistent look or aesthetic for your company which makes your business look more professional.

Increase Accountability

Name tags are a great way to increase employee accountability.  If a customer has a complaint, you need to know which employee the complaint is against without having to guess based on physical descriptions of your employees.  The same can be said of customer compliments as well.  If an employee performs well and consistently “wows” customers, they should be held accountable and rewarded.

Because employees know that their name is displayed for all customers to see,  they in turn are more accountable for their actions at work.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Name Tag World is here to help you improve customer satisfaction.  Name Tag World offers a variety of name tags in a variety of colors custom made just for you!

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