Ready to Design Your Employee Name Tag?

Jump right into a 3×2 Custom Design!
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Fast Ordering & Fast Shipping

Order a pack of blank tags now or design your own chalk name tag, even with your own logo!

A Reusable, Classic Style

Perfect for corporate environments and businesses of any kind… for that classic look!

Your Choice of Attachment

Get a traditional pin fastener or magnetic attachment, your choice for the right tags for you.  Order Now!

Made in the USA

Chalk tags proudly made in Columbus, OH, USA by experts with 25+ years of experience in ID product design!

Customize or Buy a Pack of Blanks

Brand your tags with logos & backgrounds or get packs of blanks.

Wipe and Repeat!

Easily just wipe off the chalkboard name tag with a rag or paper towel and re-use!  Reusable name tags are not only convenient, but eco-friendly as well.

Add Your Branding or Logo

Use our online designer right here on our website to add your logo, branding, or background images to the chalkboard name tag in full color!

Leave a Spot for Chalking!

Make sure to leave a space for writing a person’s name if you add a logo or a spot for a photo.  About 1/2 the space is usually enough.  


Ready to Design Your Employee Tag?

Jump right into a 3×2 Custom Design!